Guided By Voices, an indie rock band from Dayton, Ohio. Led by prolific singer/songwriter Robert Pollard.
GBV are a totally kick-ass band, man!
by TB January 3, 2005
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Great Brook Valley. GBV is the ghetto section of Worcester Massachusetts. It is the home to many welfare cases, street toughs, and other low class characters.
It is ill advised to walk through GBV at night unless you are looking for bullet in the lung of your choice.
by Socko August 10, 2004
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Dream smp stans hate GBV (gender-based-violence)
by coltfs December 15, 2021
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The keys I hit when I bang my head on the keyboard
gbv v yuyjhuytrhgur is Used to tell somebody you don't know what your doing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
by Xboxbrocko October 10, 2020
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