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Type of dance popularized by music artist T-Pain where one imitates the G5 Jet by having their arms out on their sides. Often demonstrated after one bends their knees getting low while dancing at a club. May have derived from the "Hyphy" movement of the Bay Area and if not, has been adopted by the movement.
"...just bend your knees and do the G5," - T-Pain.
by brysturr September 06, 2007

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Down to cuddle
Man this couch is small... But I guess I'm DTC...
by brYsturr November 11, 2013

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U.S. Secret Service name for the 1st Female President, Hillary Clinton.
"I've got eyes on 'Nasty Woman' entering the White House through the north gate."
by brYsturr October 20, 2016

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