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The RTC is an organisation that focuses on the protection and security of children under ages of 16. RTC stands for “Rape The Children”. This is also their motto in which they live by. They simply find orphans and homeless children, and take them into their “home”. They provide them with food, water and baths. Lots of baths. In fact, they get each child to bathe 5 times a day, and the RTC Supervisors “supervise” the bathing children. They make sure the baths are really soapy.
Josh: “Oh no, those kids are getting picked up by the R.T.C!”
Emily: “Lucky bastards!”
*Josh dies in awe.*
by PapaGünter69 December 2, 2018
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The most magical and mystical and manly man that ever roamed the Earth. He is in search for all the little, vulnerable children of the world. He tends to admit he prefers the little girls over the little boys, however he says he really doesn’t mind too much.
Josh: “Oh look it’s Papa Günter in his Güntermobile again.”
Emily: “I hope he decides to take me this time.”
*Josh in visible awe.*
by PapaGünter69 December 2, 2018
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Papa Günter’s trusty piece of German engineering. It’s equipped with a beautiful coat of white paint and a special compartment in the back for the kids to have fun in. Papa Günter likes to think his Güntermobile is female, with its exhaust pipe being a (you know what).
Josh: “Oh look it’s the Güntermobile parked at the Daycare Centre, I wonder what Papa Günter’s up to this time.”
Emily: “Lucky Bastards!”
*Josh chokes on his saliva in awe.*
by PapaGünter69 December 2, 2018
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