1. Extremely pumped, charged or excited.
2. To be dressed like a G, that is wearing Gangsta like clothing.
1. We got G'dup before we went into town to kill people.
2. Going out fully G'dup.
by Diego November 20, 2003
G'dup from the feet up
by Kg October 15, 2003
The act of up voting or liking a comment on Google+.
Yo Dawg did you see that TED video over on Google+? I G'duped that shit.
by orthographer July 10, 2011
a saying for a person who has genital worts... to have the STD
also can be used as G-G-G GGGGGG'D- UP
Yo, you aint wanna mess with dat gurl, she's G'dup
by pimpmastaFJ August 18, 2003