A fairly common jazz chord that happens to be pronounced similarly to the familiar religious figure, Jesus.
Is that a G-sus chord in the third bar?
by cazort September 16, 2003
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A major G triad in which, generally, the third of the chord is replaced by the upper neighbor or fourth in the scale. A G sus chord consists of a Root (G), a fourth (C), and fifth (D).
A G sus chord gives a feeling of anticipation, and a feeling of resolution is achieved when the fourth of the chord is resolved back to the major third.
The progression is Am, C and G sus
by bob1963forme July 16, 2005
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"Y'all got the story all wrong. G sus was the first to walk on water."
by Zuke June 19, 2006
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ohhh shiet i got this new g sus sweater today its sooo nice
by stephiiie March 15, 2007
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Wow. This refers to the heinous act you just committed willfully and once this has been said, you look back in retrospect and contemplate for a period of time about what you just did/said and realize that it was unnecessary and honestly pretty fuckin sus bro.

I mean I don't know about you, but from my perspective if I did/said that I honestly would have to reconsider my sexuality considering all the possibilities, because I mean they are theoretically endless after hearing what I/you just did/said.
"Mane, Das mad sus g, please reconsider what you just said as I quite frankly do NOT appreciate how sus that is. You might have to get voted off."
by Insyndrome_v2 November 10, 2020
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A homie or a G who vehemently and vigorously claims to be straight, but that vigour makes the whole situation a lot more sus.
"I am straight as fuck!"
"The fact that you are so adamant about it, is kinda sus G..."
by big_tc96 April 20, 2023
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