A single sound that makes all the emos and goths burst into tears, including myself.
"i heard the g-note...... im sobbing"
by AzxyOOF January 2, 2019
The sound that will make every emo loose their shit,cry and screech but also sing and die inside a bit
Random emo kid: today is a good day

Some Dumbass:hey have you ever heard this song,it’s really good (plays welcome to the black parade and then the g note comes)
Random emo kid:(rocking back and forth in the corner)when I was a young boy,my father took me into the city (cries and screeches at the same time)
by The Geezus worshiper September 13, 2018
The one fucking note that starts "Welcome to the Black Parade" and will cause every existing emo, ex-emo, or repressed emo within a 20 mile radius to lose their shit, scream the lyrics, and cry with the edge and angst of a million 8th graders.
I fucking swear Rylan do that shit again and you're getting G noted
by Thrift Store Gucci September 8, 2019
a way of spreading depression amongst all fellow emos.Commonly used by sadistic friends and/or enemies to destroy the mental well-being of their fellow earth companions.The g note shall only be used in special cases if one is willing to be brutally murdered by said emos.
"hey,i just found this cool song do you wanna hear it?"
Emo starts sobbing uncontrollably,smudging their eyeliner.
"whats wrong?"
by the superior cement April 17, 2019
The first note at the beginning of the song the black parade by MCR. The G note makes emos cry because it reminds them of when MCR broke up.
*plays G note*

Emo: intense crying
by DefinitionHoe November 9, 2018
-How much does this purse cost?
-I don't know. A G-note of something.
by Golan January 20, 2005
play it and be prepared to be ambushed by a load of crying emos its the beginning of probably the most famous song but the bestest ever most talented ever band my chemical romance
g note *plays*
emos: nooo
by mcrbiggestfan December 21, 2020