the one piano note that will make any form of emo DIE. If you play the note near them... they will lose their shit, while screaming the lyrics to WTTBP.
non emo friend: hey, I learned a new song on the piano!
emo friend: that"s nice.
non emo friend: wanna hear it?
emo friend: not real-

*non emo cuts them off*
non emo friend: ok I will!!!
*plays g note*
emo friend: wHeN i WaS a YoUnG bOy..
by embodiment of emo shrek. November 8, 2018
A G Note is the first note in the song called, "Welcome To The Black Parade" By My Chemical Romance (Also known as MCR) that makes emos (Repressed emos too) triggered and/or cry. Most likely crying eyeliner.
Non-emo: Hey, I just heard this really cool song! Want to hear it?
Emo: Sure!
Non-emo: Okay! *Plays Welcome To The Black Parade and G Note plays*
Emo: *Crying eyeliner* WHEN I WAS, A YOUNG BOY.
by KyraTheEmoFanGirl_1375 December 25, 2018
The note that triggers us emos. The first note on 'Welcome to the black parade' RIP my chemical romance.
*G Note* WhEn I wAs A yOuNg BoY
Aka: Aaaaaaggggggggggggghhhhh
How to kill a emo (repressed or not)
Use it carefully as it causes great pain and can cause an emo to go into shock until MCR gets back together (you might be there a while)
Annoying person: *plays g-note*

Emo: Stabs other person with eyeliner before sacrificing them to Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Ray (and departed Bob)
by Forgotten_Yeemo_Trash April 1, 2018
The "G" note on a piano is the first note of My Chemical Romance's "Welcome To The Black Parade"
*Hears "G" note* *puts on black eyeliner,puts on WTTBP costume* "when i was a young boy" DO NOT PLAY IN PUBLIC AREA, YOU WILL SUMMON THE EMOS AND DISTRACT THEM FROM ONLINE SHOPPING FROM HOT TOPIC!
by ThunderTrash123 April 1, 2016
Is the note where the whole My Chemical Romance fandom bursts out crying.
Person 1: Why is she crying?
Person 2: She got g noted . The G note from MCR
by a_freakin_gurl February 7, 2018
The G note on a piano is highly important to punk rock/emo rock fans who listened to My Chemical Romance. This note is the opening note to one of MCR's most famous songs, "Welcome To The Black Parade" and while this song is not sad in itself (it's actually very inspiring and upbeat) it saddens the MCRmy/Killjoys because the song was the anthem for that fan base.
If you play it they may cry or get really sad (some over exaggerate and lose their shit so be warned)

Also they will probably mention Geesus/Gerard/Gee at some point.
"Dude, what's wrong?"
"I got g-noted and now I really miss MCR."
"Really, Cas?"
by Cassi98 September 24, 2018