Where I want to go when I die.
"where do you want to go when you die?"
"the black parade, bitch!"
by jesushatesme August 3, 2009
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The black parade is rumored to be the title of the latest album by My Chemical Romance, which is due out on Oct. 23 in the UK and Oct. 24 in the US. It is alternately rumored to be the first single off the as-yet-unnamed album. The website blackparade.com has a ghostly image of the members of My Chemical Romance in the background and offers t-shirts that read "we are the black parade."
Fans of My Chemical Romance are going crazy trying to figure out what the black parade is.
by theHarbinger August 21, 2006
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The third CD from the band My Chemical Romance
This CD gained many new fans for the band
This CD also lost many old fans
Now they are fucking emos
Which means they are sellouts
Many new fans doesn't even know that there are more than one CD from MCR..... sad, isn't it
Also the beginning of the poser movement
kasey: I love the black parade!!!
Old Fan: Cool, have you heard Head First For Halos?
kasey: What?
by No Name For Slot March 16, 2008
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A place where you go when you die. The phrase originated from the my chemical romance song “welcome to the black parade” from their 2006 album titled “black parade.” There are 4 main characters (other than the band members themselves) who are referred to when talking about the black parade: Fear, Regret, The Patient, and Mother War.
“Where are you going?”

“To join the black parade!”

~ Daniel Howell (danisnotonfire)
by Emo.girl November 19, 2019
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Originated from My Chemical Romance's album title and video clip "Welcome To The Black Parade", "the Black Parade" means "life after death" or "death" or anything similar to it. Therefore, the phrase "Join the Black Parade" means "to die".
"She joined the Black Parade last night"
Meaning: "She died last night"

"I wanna join the Black Parade"
Meaning: " I wanna die"

"See you in the Black Parade!"
Meaning: "See you in life after death!"

MCR rocks my world!! Give a cheer to all the broken!!

P/S: Gerard's smile is heavenly but Gerard's hair is fatal.
Anyway, he still got the good looks.
by heleyna-ardie-beena October 17, 2006
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The well known album of My Chemical Romance. According to Gerard lead singer of the band and frontman. the black parade comes to the The Patient as death. but in reality its a band of diabolical penguins bent on conquering the world. The penguins are slowly drawing a plan against the band for stealing there gang name.
Penguin Leader: You will suffer the consequences you name stealer you.
Gerard: I beg to differ you insignificant penguin lady
Mikey: word
Gerard: did you just say word?
Penguin Leader: enough. you shall wither and die
Ray: Oh my gosh look a penguin. come here penguin i love you ::chases penguin::
Penguin Leader: HELP ME!
by Panic! its a penguin November 26, 2006
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the most recent my chemical romace cd to hit stores...the black parade itself is about "the pacient" who's going through cancer and about to die and in gerard way's way of thinking, its when death comes to you in you most cherished memory and the pacient's most cherished memory is about his father taking him to see the marching band. being that it is the black parade, death comes to him as a parade. listen to the album, youll probably understand his story more
by silent_but_dandy October 29, 2006
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