Gangsta mail where you make all your drug deals and the cops cant do shit about it
i gots to go check my G Mail for the best drug deals today
by Phil R3ina November 10, 2010
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Google's kick ass e-mail service that offers a gig of space to use.
G-Mail pwns j00r E-mail service.
by Josh July 16, 2004
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email for hard-core gangstas.(not for regular old bustas)
fo real homie, i send ya it by g-mail......CAUSE IM GANGSTA
by trezzin September 26, 2006
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G mail is where i go downtown on my ladys G spot and send her a message of love one letter at a time wit my tongue
i was feelin kinda horny and wanted my woman to know it so i sent her a G mail and boy id say my message was well recieved and totally made her day
by ODog N Cali M.C N T April 8, 2009
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Pronounced as "G G G G G-Mail!" as in how G-unit would say their group name in their tunes, Gets me!
Yo I just gonna check out me "G G G G G-Mail!"

Me "G G G G G-Mail!" account is
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When a thread in your gmail account gets so many messages that it creates a new thread (over 100). Especially effective when it happens in between gmail sessions.
I checked my gmail this morning and it was empty, I logged in about 45 minutes later and my asshole friends kept talking about old movies and video games so much I had 300 useless messages broken up into 3 threads!

Dude... you were G-Mail Bombed.
by trashandsuicide October 8, 2009
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