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Fire. Usually used to compliment something.
"He hit the folks, & it was fye as fuck!"
by It's yo mom April 27, 2016
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Another word for fire/dope or tights
This shit is fye
That restaurant is fye
Instagram= @withmorgan
by vNeji February 14, 2016
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Something very good. For proper pronunciation: fire
That's some fye ass macaroni granny made.
by jalonnn December 5, 2008
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Nice, Cool, Pretty,something everyone likes
That car really fye.
by D'Ambara September 1, 2006
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Human excrement, primarily located in the ass.

(replace ass/shit with fye)
Yo, my dude Figs, he put it in the fye!

He put it in da boof and came out wit fye!

I can't believe he just ate the fye!
by Fye Muncher May 11, 2021
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