When your girl fondles your balls while screaming "Fushigi"
Jerome: "Yo dis bitch wuz gunna fushigi my ballz"
Tyrone: "Nigga, speak English"
by 5bucksis5bucks August 25, 2016
A shitty toy for the weak and uneducated. Made by faggity-ass-bitch-niggas.
I played with my friends Fushigi and the shit doesnt fucking work.
by thunder_splooge69 May 27, 2011
The act of buying or receiving a "gravity defying Fushigi Ball" and realizing that it is just a heavy ball that you can drop and scratch.
I saw that awesome Fushigi ball commercial on TV and got one, but I couldn't do anything with it! I was Fushigied.
by MrForbes December 27, 2011
The chinese word for "scrotum".
I play with my friend's fushigi every time I hang out.
by JimboWales October 3, 2010
Something that does not work like it is deceivingly supposed to.
That new weave she got is fushigi as hell. She need to take that flaw ass mess back to Walmart.
by absolutezero3060 August 8, 2011
When a man dangles his testicles freely and a woman does fushigi ball tricks with them.
I love it when a girl fushigi balls me. It vigorously turns me on.
by Bonkaroons January 30, 2020
also known as the "Mysterious Play", Fushigi Yugi is a shoujo ("girl", but it can be for guys too) by manga artist yu watase. its about this girl named Miaka and her friend Yui who get sucked into the Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho (The Book of the Universe of the Four Gods). Through many events, Miaka and Yui become enemies. In order to save the world, Miaka must gather the Suzaku Seishi (Suzaku Celestial Warriors) as Suzaku no Miko (Priestess of Suzaku) and summon the beast god, Suzaku. A very good, touching, romance story. With TONS of cute guys. ^^ (Warning: You WILL need tissue)
Fushigigi is my most favoritest manga/anime series ever!
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e June 29, 2005