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A phrase that is utilized upon the statement of an individual who says a statement in which the obvious and most precise answer is "no"
Johnny: Hey Billy, did you finish your math homework yet?
Billy: Funnymans
by Ashketchup12 February 20, 2017
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Funny Man is one of the six memebers of Hollywood Undead. He wears a black mask with three yellow dots under his left eye and yellow fm on his right cheek.
"We ain't here to front, we ain't here to beef

We're just here to get you out of yo muthafuckin' seat

And you don't really wanna step to this

Funny Man, Undead, and we rock it like what?"
by J-DogLover April 30, 2009
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basically what Jamaicans call a faggot or homosexual
"Funnyman get dropped like a bad habit"

Jamrock- Damian Marley

I n I look at dat boy, he a funnyman no?
Bumbaclot! I bredren he a funnyman, het get dropped like a bad habit!
by likkle jacob October 18, 2010
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Funny Man is a member of an amazing band, Hollywood Undead. Funny man does nothing at all except sitting on his lazy ass scratching his nuts every once in awhile.
Funny man never sings, either! Wtf does he do?! D:
by HaileyChan February 12, 2010
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