When your Uncle is too fun to just be a normal 'Uncle'. This Uncle must be referred to as 'Funcle'
Example: I cannot wait to go visit my Funcle Dick in Ohio!!
by Eddywarn February 08, 2017
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That one uncle that you have that is a little..TOO funky. Funky + Uncle = Funcle.
Some kid: "Hey, why can't you come to my party?"
You: "My funcle is in town..you know what that means."
Some kid: "SHOOT!"
by Marsh to the All August 04, 2010
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The funest and mostest fun to be around even/especially when drunk.
Person one: see my uncle over there .
Person two: yeah me must be a fun uncle.
Person one and two: Funcle!
by The13hairyArchdukeofWellington October 26, 2016
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Fun uncle-noun
Wow, thank god my funcles Noah and Benjamin came to this party. Now we can finally have a good time!
by The third funcle December 30, 2018
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A Funcle is the act of 2 men fucking the same girl while playing the classic children's test of strength game "Uncle". Hence "Fucking Uncle" or Funcle. It's best played when the woman is on all fours receiving penetration from one player and pleasuring the other orally.
My best friend and I thought with a little luck and a lot of beer we had a good shot at the Funcle with my 2nd cousin, Suzzie.
by The Lawnboy May 02, 2007
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