Slang word for womens breast. Such as tits, boobies, hotters and so on.
Guy1: Look at the fun bags on that girl.

Guy2: Yeah she as such huge breat.
by Freak Show April 11, 2006
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I girl/woman's breasts, Can be any size however preferably larger so a male (or Female) can cup and play with the Fun Bags
Hey Richard did you see the Fun Bags on her?

Ya Donny they got my woodpecker up!
by Long Shlongggggg donggg February 1, 2011
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Also known as breasts, (milk)jugs, hooters, melons, tits, bazookas, boulders, boobs, rack, titties, yams, knockers, tig ol' bitties, bust, mammilla, bosom, hangers, mounds, chest, (dirty)pillows, tata(s), udders, chi chis, nuggs, hills, cones, gonzagas, (sag)bags, misquito bites, lumps, humps, speed bumps, mountains, ant bites, honkers, peaks, nips, rascals, money makers, (sweater/ shirt)puppies, head cushions, norgs, grips, jigglies, bouncin' betties, knobs, chesticles, headlights , diddies, baby feeders, jumblies, the twins, coconuts, fatties, floppers, helicopters, beaver tails, and more.

*Sorry, 59 variations is all I could come up with right away.
I like blowin' my load all over her fun bags!
by J. S. Alexander January 20, 2006
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That Ho gots some nice Fun Bags. Lets See those Fun bags Bitch
by Tom Ho December 27, 2003
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Bags in which you pack entertainment items to be used on long trips. They frequently contain reading material, CDs, magnetic chess boards, and mad libs.
Sister: Mom! Jimmy's messing around with my fun bags again.

Mom: Jimmy, play with your own stuff, or I'll have to come back there!
by fully dressed lunch September 22, 2006
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:some guy: Dammnnnn that girl jane got sum big fun bags.
by googlle111 December 12, 2005
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