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to have had sexual relations, or have had sexual intercourse
Yo, I got with that honey and we fumped til it was raw Dawg!
by da Whisky-MizzacK January 09, 2004
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V. To have sexual relations with an individual then shortly afterwards end any type of relationship with them.
Guy 1: Yo, weren't you seeing that chick?
Guy 2: Naw dawg, I strait up fumped that bitch.

Girl 1: Hey Kelly, weren't you dating that one guy?
Girl 1: Nah Bitch, I fumped him last week.
by Steve Howard Igor Templeton January 31, 2005
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short for "Fucking/Freaking Pumped"
"Nathan is fumped about playing his new 360!"

"Dude, i have never seen somebody get so fumped about five dollars."
by L to the N May 24, 2007
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To be dumped (relationship) through the social networking platform "Facebook"
Person A notifying Person B that they no longer wish to remain in a relationship using FACEBOOK as a method of communicating the message. Being dumped on Facebook or Fumped for short.
by JonORourke May 16, 2009
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