The effort associated with the quality and speed of work on a friday. To bludge. A friday effort - a fummy effort. To Fum. Fumming the act of fummy work.
Bob thats an absolute fummy effort, why don't you just piss off and go to the pub.
by SoullessGinge March 24, 2006
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An awesome amazing RPG game maker who makes indie games for all, such as their most popular one, The Witch's House.
1. Fummy makes great RPG games!

2. I know! I love the game The Witch's House, it really had me going.
by Kim Miori November 30, 2012
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When some fagtard or douchetard tries to be funny, but they're really just being gay.
that joke with the cowboy and consultant sure was fummy, you dong lovin' cock gobbler
by Me April 5, 2005
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To be awesome in every way, shape or form.
Thanks for the help Fummie.
by Fummie January 23, 2005
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When you’re fummy you’re feeling down, but also fine. When you’re fummy you just wanna be left alone, but you’re not sad. Almost though.
Wanna hang?”
“Sure man, but just to let you know I’m feeling a lil fummy.”

What’s wrong?”
“Nah, nun. Just fummy.”
by kxyiee August 25, 2018
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A danker and more deep fried version of funny.
Bruh that’s really fummi.
by NotCorbs August 22, 2020
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