A high school in Fullerton, California. Mostly populated with Asians, typically being Korean. Sunny Hills High School may not be the best at everything, but excels in academics. Sunny Hills tries to offer all its students equal opportunity and helps those who need it most. Faculty members go out of their way to help a student. Sunny Hills has its perks, but like all schools, it is not perfect, but students can be ensured a good, solid high school life.

Many compare Sunny Hills to Troy. Neither Troy or Sunny is better than the other. Both have their ups and their downs. Although Troy is known to be very competitive and if you're not smart enough, students will almost be forced to move to other high schools due to grades. Many of these students come to Sunny Hills when they need acceptance. Sunny Hills help these students become better and excel in their academics.

Neither Sunny or Troy is better in general. Everyone just has their own opinions.


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by NeitherIsBetter March 5, 2011