7 definitions by ExquisiteMouse

Large female breasts. Usually a word for big fat anime tiddies.
I went to an anime convention and saw some down-bad dudes buy some naked statue of a girl with big jiddy milkers.
by ExquisiteMouse November 16, 2021
A person that is a shoe cobbler and is intimate with toddlers.
A: That guy likes EDP445? Such an Obbler...
by ExquisiteMouse April 27, 2021
A group of gangsters wearing aviator hats, Supreme shorts, and a green t-shirt.
Blood #1: Aye bro you see them new gangsta's over there?
Blood #2: Yeah bro I do, I think they part of the Glinks.
by ExquisiteMouse May 29, 2021
The act of staring blankly at a screen in the dark for a long period of time. Tends to avoid human contact at all costs.
A: Oscar's an actual tennis ball head.
B: He's just sitting there in the dark, doing nothing.
by ExquisiteMouse April 27, 2021
Casey: Yo bro I just started streaming kekw
David: Trash, spit on, meezy ass nigga, go kys
by ExquisiteMouse April 27, 2021
Located in Fullerton, CA
Sid: Oh hey where's Fullerton?
Dillon: Oh it's in Fullerton.
by ExquisiteMouse April 27, 2021
Has the name "Oscar" and is very odd.
A: Yo bro Oscar you're hella odd.
B: Yeah he's literally an Oddscar.
by ExquisiteMouse May 4, 2021