A complete evacuation of the bowels that does not require the use of toilet paper - usually one check-up wipe is applied just to be sure.

The term originates from the sport (?) of tractor-pulling.

May require diet adjustment to materialize.
John was almost out of toilet paper, luckily he was able to pull a full-pull. He took a second to marvel at the consistency of the wholesome turd before he flushed it down the toilet.
by Fah_Hogdadda October 30, 2009
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When put a substantial piece of crack cocaine on a glass pipe and and put a full flame on it to inhale a substantial and large hit hence the Full pull.
Take a full pull off that pipe. or can I get a full pull?
by hirosfca December 08, 2007
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A term used by the intellectually stunted to describe a truck that is able to pull a tractor the full distance of the course at a tractor pull
Hey Cletus, how far did he drag that one? Well Jim-Bob looks like he got himself a full pull right thurr.
by Glazzy July 25, 2006
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When your friend says he will show up at the party and basically never shows up. He then proceeds to cancel the plan last minute cold bloodedly with no apparent guilt.

In contrast, pulling half othman is when your friend only shows up towards the end of the party.
R: Hey there is a party tomorrow you coming?
O: Sure, why not!? Sound so fun!

-> Day of the party
R: Can't wait for our party! Gonna be so much fun!
O: Oh, BTW I ain't coming.
R: Bro... Don't be pulling full othman on me again........
by Solepod November 21, 2017
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Eloquent Nerd-speak for "sucked" or "gay" (but not in an 1880s way).
I usually like movies based on comic books, but "The Hulk" pulled full vacuum.
by longislandspider July 09, 2006
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The art of fully pulling you and/or your bros foreskin back completely
Hey bro I’d give you a full pull for a $20
by Lemmeborrowtilwelly August 29, 2021
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When two men put the tips of their of penises together, and are being jerked off by a third person in one continuos and straight stroke. From scrotum to scrotum. This is considered a Full Pull.

This term originates from tractor pulling.
He performed a full pull, and they ejaculated at the same time.
by Dane Hurricane September 03, 2019
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