1. Saying untrue, unreliable, incorrect, made up, often nonsensical and unbelievable lies to try to make oneself not look like a giant piece of shit. (see also piece of shit, bullshit artist)
2. One who is undependable, unreliable, fake, untrue, a straight up liar
3. Constipated to the point your eyes turn brown and breath reeks of fecal matter.
(Verb) to be-
1. To make promises, plans, or claims all the while knowing damn well you will never follow through. (see also blow smoke)
2. To be too afraid to be honest & say it like it is because one is soft. Not unlike a scared little girl.
"When do you think you'll have that job done"?
"I just finished it. Best work I've ever done!"
"You're FULL OF SHIT Brandon!! I'm here looking at it now"
"Oh Dave You wouldn't believe all the crazy, unbelievable made up things that happened that kept me from getting out of bed today. But I promise it'll be done today".
"You're FULL OF SHIT. I can't believe anything I hear and only half of what I see with you"
by WisestAssofall April 3, 2021
Somebody who's more likely to try and give you a lot of misinformation and a hard time than give you good information and no bullshit or drama.
by Solid Mantis December 21, 2019
Someone who's got their own money, but tries to use everybody else's ideas against them, and make their decisions for them.
The girl has her own money, her own bank account, that's about all that's original about her. She's plain full of shit.
by Solid Mantis March 11, 2020
Someone who didn't go through enough physical punishment as a kid to really know how to make anybody's life a living hell or tormented life.
Lindsay was full of shit and waited for somebody else's thoughts and ideas, so that she could either use them on someone else, or turn them into money via mainstream media, or both.
by Solid Mantis October 2, 2019
Someone with a lot of mouth on them. Sometimes called a sassy attitude by some.
The girl's defensive response to being called on being full of shit was similar to her response on being called an idiot, a chicken shit, a terror(ist), or anything else you could think of, if she said it before somebody else did, she thought she got brownie points for it.
by Solid Mantis September 27, 2019
(Adj.) When someone who is constipated and or hasn't took a dump before having conversation with someone says some stuff that doesn't make much sense because of the effect the fecal matter lying within the intestine has on that persons consciousness.
Buddy: we don't exist we only think ourselves to exist
Chris: dude, you're full of shit when is the last time you took a dump?
Buddy: like three days ago
Chris: you need to handle that scandal before you speak to anyone again
by Bighomie100 April 5, 2017