The kind of person who says something about somebody like he/she was a tough guy actor (almost like a cowboy) with staying power and a sixty year run one minute, then comments on how courageous it was for the actor to lay low for about a generation until a bunch of kids who did not know who the actor was saw his films, and the actor makes a big comeback. The kind of person who reaches out and grabs any opportunity to gain their own popularity.
The girl liked being around people like this guy that she had met, so she tried to build him up by calling him a resilient tough guy actor, but then said the opposite of him (tried to break him down) when she wanted to be around a different group of people, teasing him about laying low for so many years. Somebody was full of shit.
by Solid Mantis September 30, 2019
A girl who regurgitates everything her sibling says her entire life, then claims to be her own role model.
Lindsay was unoriginal, plain, and full of shit, but knew that more money could be made by building up her own image.
by Solid Mantis October 3, 2019
Under the influence. Be it alcohol, heroine, whatever substance comes to mine. Someone who is noticeably and obnoxiously high / drunk. Originated from southern slang, when elderly would talk about being "full of liquor" or flat out drunk.
Person 1: Hey, what'r ya doin in my house?!
Person 2: Dudes, we're outside. You must be full of that shit?
by Twwiggy April 8, 2019
I told Chris his story was a crockpot full of shit because there was no way he jump of the radio tower downtown on the high rise
by Smokeyjdc555 June 21, 2022
The law that states that if there is a big dick around; a woman will throw herself at it (indiscriminately).
According to Hoppe's Full of Shit Law; Woman with throw themselves at fat cocks and once they get thrown in the garbage and replaced the not fat cocks are left to have their turn with their leftovers.
by Hym Iam November 25, 2020