The sole purpose of which is to let a person, most often a child, know when they are REALLY in trouble. When you are called this, you better be prepared for all hell to break loose.
John William Smith, you get your butt down here this instant!

Lily Ann Williams, what do you think you are doing young lady?

Person A: I gotta go, my Mum just used my full name
Person B: Ouch, hope you aren't grounded for long.
by Mystic_Snowfang June 17, 2008
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When your parents say your full name you know your screwed
Jonathan Matthew Erik come Down here right now this is when Jon realized he is screwed and said you know your screwed if your parents say your full name
by Jake Paul is taken May 9, 2018
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When a friend, significant other, or colleague is so serious or angry that they refer to you with your first and last name.

Similar to being middle-named, but not from your family.
Girlfriend: "John Smith, where exactly were you last night?!"

John, to another: "Oh, shit. I'd better bail. She totally full-named me, dude!"
by robotulism May 13, 2013
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Brooklyn Taylor Coca-Cola Pepsi Sherlock Loki Thomas Holmes Nanette de Douglestrauff Anderson Cockroach.

This is the full name of a Russian spy disguised as an an American teenager. She always wears sunglasses and loves when people steal them, and be warned; Brooklyn will karate chop your face if you surprise her.
Brooklyn’s full name is really long.
by STWEAM cult member July 8, 2018
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The definition of Yura is a person who is Ukrainian, or Russian, is super sexy, loves techno fist pumping, loves wearing track suits, loves Vodka and... all other types of alcohol, This person is talented, can fix any thing ( gets "deals") on everything, is most likely a, say this quickly, EmergencyMedicalTechnician, and is a very good kisser. never get in a fight with a yura, because hes loco, and has loco friends. Yuras are usually found in VIP ...Usually guys named Yura or Yurie, love girls named Olivia.
Oh, hey, thats yura ( full name yurie), look at that sexy walk he got goin on...

Ohhh your wearing a track suit AND drikin Vodka... your sucha Yura

Dangggg yura girl is Hottttt her name must be Olivia

Oh darn, somethings broken in my house.. lets call YURA

i need an EMT!! get a yura on the phone!
by ohmaldo February 25, 2010
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1. A polite greeting used to show enthusiasm.
2. Using someones full name can be used to attract someone's attention or to clarify who you are talking to.
3. Using someone's full name if often, soon, followed by an "eee".

Pioneered by a K.Dubbs using someones full name has developed into a formal greeting whithin a smalll group of Virginian friends.
Saying someone's full name

Pokahantas: John Smith i like your steez. Eee.

John Smith: Pokahantas when you can kickflip oldschool stairs first try then you can talk to me.
by Tim Hall May 10, 2007
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When a person continually fucks up at the same thing in the same way so much so that the act of fucking it up becomes known as a Special. When a another person makes the same fuck up as the originator, that act can then be known as "Insert Originators Full Name" Special.
Insult to injury is added if originator is in same room when term is used on someone.
e.g of "Insert Persons Full Name" Special.

Alan & Dave driving to another town

Alan "Jimmy always get lost driving"

Dave "Now im fucking lost"

Alan "Yeah you done a Jimmy Smith Special"

Dave "Shit"
by Mr Aviva March 18, 2009
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