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The definition of Yura is a person who is Ukrainian, or Russian, is super sexy, loves techno fist pumping, loves wearing track suits, loves Vodka and... all other types of alcohol, This person is talented, can fix any thing ( gets "deals") on everything, is most likely a, say this quickly, EmergencyMedicalTechnician, and is a very good kisser. never get in a fight with a yura, because hes loco, and has loco friends. Yuras are usually found in VIP ...Usually guys named Yura or Yurie, love girls named Olivia.
Oh, hey, thats yura ( full name yurie), look at that sexy walk he got goin on...

Ohhh your wearing a track suit AND drikin Vodka... your sucha Yura

Dangggg yura girl is Hottttt her name must be Olivia

Oh darn, somethings broken in my house.. lets call YURA

i need an EMT!! get a yura on the phone!
by ohmaldo February 25, 2010

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