An alternative way of saying fuck.

Other forms include:
Fugging (Fucking)
Fugged (Fucked)
For fuggs sake! I'm fugging late! I'm so fugged!
by slurpmygamerjam December 2, 2020
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A nicer way of saying Fuck, especially in front of children, parents, a boss, or anyone you would not normally want to swear in the presence of.
What the fugg is wrong with you?!
by PlaceboEffect June 10, 2005
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The basic use of the word fuck...duh...wth ppl I can't believe no one got this one
"Fugg You Bitch!!!"
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Slang and a stupid way of Fuck. This isn't a reg dictionary, dumbass.
Fugg you, pedestrian faggot!
by Preston Casey September 18, 2003
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Fugg, fugg means when u hug/hold hands when u fuck
For example, hey mom, u wanna Fugg tonight?
Mom: sure son, ill ask ur lil sister too
Me: thanks mom, love u, u little gremlin
by Wat3rm3l0nsugarwhy on ig May 21, 2021
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furry snow boots that are modeled after the orginal Ugg boots. aka FAKE UGGS!
Look at those fuggs, they're a horrible knock-off!
by ~Kaitlyn*$ November 7, 2004
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"Those aren't real."
"Yeah, well my fuggs cost much less than your real Uggs and look the same."
by hammylover March 27, 2009
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