Fugging is the act of sensual and consentual sex with you and a townsfolk performed while you're visit the town of "Fucking" in Upper Austria. This is originating while they try to shamefully change their name so it isn't that much fun anymore. As retaliation, the people choose to imprint a sexual meaning on the new Name so they would never forget their glorious history.
Were on a round trip in Austria right now and i rented a Chateau in "Fucking/Fugging" tomorrow so we can do some consentual "Fugging".
by KaiserFranzJosefII November 27, 2020
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Essentially, fugging has the same range of meanings as its popular expletive cousin. In 2020, the Austrian town of "Fucking" decided to change its name to "Fugging", after town signs have been repeatedly stolen over the years. Which tells us what needs to be done: Spread the new word, use it often, make it popular!
by Austronaut November 26, 2020
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Hugging so closely and intimately you may as well be fucking.
I can't believe she goes around fugging everyone in front of her boyfriend like that.
by Hygilak May 29, 2008
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Verb: The act of fucking a girl in her Uggs
I met up with that sorostitute and within 5 minutes we were Fugging on her pleather couch.
by Buzzworthy December 01, 2009
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AKA fuggin. The act of two men having sex with a midget while substituting the obligatory high five with a hug.
Hey man, I feel closer to you after Fugging kimmy behind the funnel cake stand at the state fair!
by Arconic25 November 18, 2011
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