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when you fluctuate sexual positions, from ok, to great, then back to ok again, usually within the span of about 5 minutes.
Man, i'm getting tired of the old positions, you wanna fucktuate tonight?
by Drim498 July 16, 2010
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Similar to the word fluctuate, except in a sexual matter. Meaning when your performance in the bed is not as good one night as the last. When your performance fluctuates.
Girl: You were terrible last night!
Guy: I know, I fucktuated from the night before.
Girl 2: I can account for that!
by drfghj April 27, 2009
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(fuck-shoo-ate) v. to have multiple sexual repeat partners; to fluctuate between fuck buddies; a conjunction of "fuck" and "fluctuate."
A: Have you met, Erin, the new girl?
B: Yeah... She likes to fucktuate between the football and lacrosse team.
A: Seriously?! What a slut!
by CWU_gal October 21, 2013
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