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a highly undesirable circumstance; the state in which fucktards are doomed to continually exist. Paradoxically, fucktards (consciously or unconsciously) also perpetuate the state of fucktardation everywhere they go. Thus, the fucktard essentially functions as a living virus of fucktardation.
"Dude, did any fly hookers show up for the party at dangus' place?"

"Hell naw dawg, that joint was nothin' but a sausage party...but the REAL fucktardation didn't start until the pigs rolled up."
by hecktor dangus, esq. October 23, 2007
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HOTCREME showed his true fucktardation thinking he could convince me he had a vagina.

RICHARD must think we suffer from fucktardation to believe he actually gets any ass.

Oh the fucktardation that BUTTERMILK'S will kids experience.

Chuck Norris took his fucktardation out on me with his 38 SPECIAL.
by RazziPapa October 24, 2008
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When retardation becomes fucked up.
The act of being way worse than a retard.
Being extremely insane.
Did you just post revenge porn on your girlfriend...That's some serious fucktardation.
by ApeBeam June 05, 2018
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Coming too late due to coming too late. A valid explanation for being late for an appointment as a result of having had a sexual encounter, if;

-the individuals being addressed respect the nature of the sexual act
-no relatives were entangled
(-Miley Cirus was attempted deported to North Korea, at least in someone's mind)
Man#1: Why are you 6 hours and 9 minutes late? We were going to the State Prison to throw fortune cookies over the wall!

Man#2: My most thorough apologies, I experienced a moderate case of fucktardation. She had the looks of Megan Fox.

You? Still going dry?

Man#1: FML. You are free of blame.

M#1: Ah, there you are, fucktard.
M#2: Yeah, your sister was too butterfaced to be quicky with.
M#1: Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...
by hareutz August 05, 2009
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