~"How was it for you?"
~"To be honest love, your cunt is so massive I may as well of opened the window and fucked the night."
by Dunk Willbery May 22, 2005
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An alcohol and drug filled night sometimes involving hookers that eventually leads to passing out cold, dying, or staying up for over 24 hours. It's usually done on the night before a day off work because the next day you are too wiped out to do anything.
Bob and I had a fuck it all night.
by OvanMagma April 17, 2011
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a denizen of World of Warcraft who preys upon flagged Horde players. normally they sit shadow melded waiting for hours upon hours. they tend to corpse camp. they tend to use the most noobish attacks while shadow melded, such as stuns, mind control, or aimed shot.
Noob elf: OHO! stupid n00bzor comes too close to "lord of all"


noob elf: bur
by Shtoink September 27, 2006
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To stay in with your partner and engage in sexual activities instead of going to an event that you RSVP'd to
person1: Aww man why didnt (name) show up tonight?
person2: Him and his girlfriend pulled a Fuck Board Game Night
by DickmcLong January 16, 2015
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