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Internal tool used to determine how many fucks are given in a given instance
Fuck o meter detects zero fucks
by Urban jackass June 12, 2018
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A device used to assess the shagability of a chick. Ranging from zero to ten, the fuckometer gives a graded scale which dudes can use to compare tail.
Dude 1: "Your mom's a fox, dude. She's 9 on the fuckometer."
Dude 2: "WTF?!!?"
by Wizards Sleeve July 27, 2006
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A machine that tells how many fucks that person has given.

Guy 1: Hey man I got a 100% on the test! 😁😁
Guy 2: Ok
Guy 2: I alsooo, got a girlfriend....
Guy 1: I give... zero fucks.
*Fuck-o-meter comfirms zero fucks given*
Fuck you Urban Dictonary Im not givin another example. Urban Dictonary I don’t give one fuck about needing to define it here but fuck it. Fuck-O-Meter
by Fuck You Definition Readers April 15, 2018
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