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A figurative, modern-day interpretation of an antiquated maritime lottery practice; a tradition that required an anonymous, pantsless seamen to occupy a literal wooden-staved barrel with their anus accessible via the barrel bung hole--all for the 'pleasure' of fellow shipmates. Examples of current equivalent predicaments include: Failure to make loan shark payments, satisfy drug-dealer indebtedness responsibilities, skipping out on alimony/child support and non-compliance with scheduled municipal violation penalty fees.
Yo! I gots me a traffic ticket for 25 dollah. I didn't pay that shit, so they tacked on a 100 dollah fine. I didn't pay that shit they gonna put me in the fuck barrel!? Caint go there bro...
by YAWA May 13, 2018
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-a situation in which there is no good, or at least a difficult outcome. Often brough upon one's self by an act of stupidity.
A fuck barrel may also simply be a horrible situation.

Fuck Barreling is a verb, usually ending in someone being Fuck Barreled. (adj)
See examples given.
Ex. 1, Noun
"That asshole was packing shit into a Uhaul, but started packing things infront of him, soon he couldn't even get out of the damn truck. He was in such a Fuck Barrel."

Ex. 2 Noun
"Man, my folks died, finals are in a week and my girlfriend left me. I am in such a fuck barrel."

Ex. 3 Verb
"I didn't do any research or homework and now I have to cram for my test tomorrow, I seem to always be fuck barreling myself like this."

Ex. 4 Adj
"I was on a roof replacing shingles, when a dog started getting into the garbage. So I kicked down the ladder on him to scare him away. I then realized I was quite fuck barreled."
by Colin Ohnemus January 08, 2007
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