Have you ever been beaten by a wet spaghetti noodle by your girlfriend because she had a twin sister and you got confused and fucked her dad?That’s what it feels like to drive a Ford F-150. Ford 👍🏼
That’s what it feels like to drive a Ford F-150. Ford 👍🏼
by Lol38273 December 28, 2022
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Brad: Man I just got an F-150!

Timmy: Well I just got a honda accord!

Brad: Oh that's nice.... haha not!
by Oz January 18, 2005
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Slow 5.0 v8 or v6 Twin tUrbO. Neither model f150s could pull a wet stick out of a dogs ass. They are the rice of trucks.
Hey get your Ford f-150 out of my front yard it’s depreciating the value of my house buy just being in the same town you truck rice liberal
by Jholzer714 April 27, 2019
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A truck for wussy men,whose dicks are the size of a 3 year old boys.

Also driven by fat retared wussy men and retarded dumb fat bitches talking on cell phones talking about how they should go to the gym one of these days while they gorge themselves on fast food. These evil assholes who put us all in danger with their looser mobiles also like to live in delusional world where they think some looser mobile makes them tough, while they can't run one block or do a set of reps with a 5lb weight.
Joe the small dicked looser was headed to the gym ,a place he had not seen in months, in his Ford F-150, until he saw a McDonalds and turned around and went their to make sure he would not have to be able to see his small dick beyond his fatty overhang.
by greengirl123 November 9, 2006
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45 year old man going through a midlife crisis. Lives in Florida. Has a mullet. Ex-Convict. Probably stares at the children's genitalia at the playground. Goes mudding with his 12 year old son. His wife left him because he drinks non stop and licks her without consent. Listens to Nickelback 24/7. He stands up for his country. Supports Trump. Has a confederate flag on the back of his truck and always keeps a cigarette in his mouth.
My name is Harris and I am a proud Ford F-150 owner. Father of 7, and 3 ex wives. I Love the U.S. and little girls/boys.
by mellowyellowbro October 29, 2019
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