The Fraze "fuck guy" is someone fucking around. Once their fucking around pisses you off you call them a "fuck guy".
"You Fuck Guy"
"Look at that nigger you fuck guy"
"Fuck You Fuck Guy"
by David496 September 14, 2006
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A statement expressed in a pissed off tone to a person whose action(s) has caused great anger due to his idiotic attempt at gaining attention
"This fucking guy! Comes to my house and eats all my food, then leaves."
by Legion36963 February 3, 2012
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someone who got lucky, or someone who is so arrogant or stupid that you can't believe how successful he is.
usually used amongst friends, but can be used on a person who you can't believe is such an asshole, but you don't want to show too much disrespect.
1.look at this fucking guy, he just won 10,000 bucks in the lotto.

2."yo, i just got my dick sucked for 3 hours last nite, haha!"
"you fucking guy! how do you always get these bitches and i dont?"
by scottie k December 15, 2007
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That fucking guy is the epiphany of doucheness and assholism, ever.

That fucking guy is the shittiest of the following.

That guy is the asshole friend everyones always with, but he always gets in other peoples shit and in turn thinks hes the shit.

Fucking guy is usually used to express how irritated you are that hes the fucking guy and he gets lucky as hell, when you dont.

So that leaves us with That Fucking Guy. Not This Fucking Guy, THAT Fucking Guy. The holy of all holy when it comes to just straight forward being that fucking guy. Hard to explain, easy to understand.
Look at that fucking guy. He won the lottery, went to vegas and spent all his money on blow and hookers. Just when we thought he wasnt that fucking guy anymore, we found out he got so fucked up he met a drunk indian that showed him a secret underground ancient vault with billions of dollars in pristine gold artifacts.

That Fuckin Guy...
by c0deezy November 25, 2009
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A term used to describe a 3rd person when reminiscing on a dumb act they performed or a stupid action they did at one time.
synonymous with this fucking guy
Bob: Did I tell you about what Joe did? That fucking guy, he used the scope on his pellet rifle to look at girls in the adjacent apartment. Then the cops come knocking on his door looking for him.

Tom: What a dumbass, that fucking guy needs his balls removed so he won't ever have kids.
by MistahTom June 12, 2006
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A fucked guy is described as someone who is fatigued the day after a wild session of excessive alcohol and MDMA.
'How you feeling after last night Adam?'
'I'm a fucked guy me'
by seankellyxo November 1, 2015
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Exclaim someone makes to him/herself after hearing or witnessing someone doing or saying something ridiculous and/or outrageous out of ignorance or naivety, usually the results range from mild commotion to catastrophic damage in someone's reputation.
Police: "excuse me sir, we have info that you are involved in drug trafficking."
Dad: "nope, come back with a search warrant."
Son: "Dad, is the white powder in this little plastic pouch sugar? (waving the stuff in front of everyone's faces innocently.)

Dad (to himself): "This fucking guy! I'm gonna kill him."

Police: "Can I see that, son? Ok sir, you're coming with us."
by Absurd Hero May 3, 2020
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