1- to make fun of someone to the point where everyone listening just puts their head down in embarassment for the person being "fried".

2- cracking hillarious jokes about someone whether they're listening or not

3- basically making fun of someone really really badly and it's really really funny.
Girl 1- Nick's penis was so small... I'm pretty sure he pisses on his balls when he has to take a leak.

Girl 2- Damn girl.. you fryin' the helllll outta him.

Girl 1- Shit.. I keeps it real.
by kayyceeayy January 13, 2009
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same as "trippin"; used to describe the effects of LSD or other hallucinogen
Whoaaaa man!!! Im fryin!!!
by ass January 29, 2003
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“ we get Fryin’ !!”
I wanna get fryin’!!”
by Unicorn_Queen\ September 2, 2019
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Another term for being really high on psychedelic drugs such as mushrooms or LSD. Same as saying "trippin' balls".
"Dude, Quincy is totally fryin' moons off that acid."
by RattlesnakeCobra May 28, 2009
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The coolest thing ever, or a super hot track
Man this club is off tha fryin pan


Yo, that new one by Dirt McGirt was off tha fryin pan
by Loopy January 22, 2004
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