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1- to make fun of someone to the point where everyone listening just puts their head down in embarassment for the person being "fried".

2- cracking hillarious jokes about someone whether they're listening or not

3- basically making fun of someone really really badly and it's really really funny.
Girl 1- Nick's penis was so small... I'm pretty sure he pisses on his balls when he has to take a leak.

Girl 2- Damn girl.. you fryin' the helllll outta him.

Girl 1- Shit.. I keeps it real.
by kayyceeayy January 12, 2009

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A remark that is made to something that is NOT cool.
Ben- Dude. I just got that girls number, after I asked her for the fifth time.

Josh- Cool bean man.. cool bean..
by kayyceeayy July 10, 2008

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