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Frullet is the reverse of "Mullet". It is a fashionable hairstyle in which the hair in front is significantly longer than the hair in back. This should be considered as a "Front Mullet" or a Frullet.

Fullet a ground-breaking concept celebrated by trendy women and female punk rockers. It is the only concept that has brought the two paradigms closer together other than anatomy (i.e. the uterus).

Gina's Frullet is so spectacular that the girl can't see two feet in front of her. Her forehead sweats while she gets frostbite on the back of her head. Bitchin.....!
by dunns135 April 24, 2009
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front mullet= frullet
long hair on the front (johnny bravo stule) hidden under a hat most of the time these babies are let loose only when the wearer is heavily intoxicated. ie drinking frullet
hot chick: "hey bust out that frullet you big hunk"
frullet wearer busts out his frullet
hot chick: "wow its magnificent, can i touch it?"
by susan September 28, 2003
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The Emo scene trademark. Also look for girl pants on guys, cheap Buddy Holly style glasses. They are usually worn by short middle-class white boys, who are pale and very effeminate.
"Look at that emo-fag!"

"Yeah! What a shitty Frullet!"
by Baron Crane July 29, 2006
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A frullet is just like a mullet, but it is backwards. This is shit because a mullet should be distinctly longer at the back than at the front. This hairstyle actually looks gay because if someone is going to grow a mullet, they should do it properly - business at the front, party at the back. No one should have a frullet. If you see someone that has a frullet, tell them to cut it off.
Note: A frullet should not be confused with a metro hairstyle (which are still okay but not as good as a proper mullet).
Friend: Look at that person's hair, it's so weird.
You: They have a frullet.
(You walk off)
Friend: Where are you going?
You: To tell that idiot to cut off their frullet.
by El Henriques May 30, 2013
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The afro and mullet hairstyles combinded into one hairstyle.
Hey frullet man hows the hair doin.
by timmy1435 October 07, 2007
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