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Slang word for Aggressive Inline Skating or Stunt Rollerblading.

Awesome sport that is as yet almost undiscovered by the masses. Ridiculed by the skateboarder community in magazines and video's (because it must be easy since they're attatchetd to your feet)and yet still pushing the boundaries as to possibilities.

Fruitbooting (or Rolling as some call it now) started out in the early 90's with (indeed) simple tricks that in, size and looks, were very similar to the trick vocabulary in skateboarding.

Since then it has differentiated into completely seperate sport with it's own culture, trick vocabulary and industry. However it's still called fruitbooting by a small minority of skateboarders in order to label it as being homosexual (referring to the late 80's inline fashion which was all neon colors and spandex).
Look at that fruitbooter go!! (whilst laughing)

You're so bad at skateboarding you might as well go Fruitbooting instead. (telling someone he's bad at skateboarding)

I'm proud to be a fruitbooter (I really am!)

by Alexander Noot November 26, 2007
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Fruitbooting (or Fruit Booting, noun use is "Fruitbooter"), a slang term refering to the use of skiblades/snowblades. Fruitbooting, the use of skiblades on ski slopes, is typically looked down upon by the snowboarding community. Fruitbooting also refers to tricks or stunts conducted while wearing skiblades/snowblades. The term is also interchangeably used to describe homosexual connotations with less popular sporting activities which utilize unusual or unpopular foot gear for snow or wheeled (i.e. roller blades, skates) sporting activities.
Fruitbooting is so lame. That guy needs to get himself a proper snowboard.
by Anders M. December 13, 2008
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