A derogatory name used by skateboarders to describe rollerbladers. Not all rollerbladers. Just the snotty ones that cut you off just after you drop in, and right before you're getting ready to set a grind.
"Get out of my way you fucking frootbooter!"

"Get of the planet you lame ass!"
by go big or go home. June 8, 2005
a derogatory term used for rollerbladers. the term came about in the 90's during the rollerblading trend. rollerblading was generally viewed as dorky and not nearly as difficult as skateboarding, biking and other so called extreme sports.
don't those fruitbooters know they're not allowed in our skatepark?

man, my mom has been taking rollerblading lessons from some fruitbooter.
by darkmugan May 27, 2005
An insult Usually used by sakters while they are in their skateparks towards rollerbladers.
harry:godamn fruitbooters taking up the whole park with their lame ass tricks
Me:yeah i know
by SLinga November 17, 2003
Any rollerblader, esp. those who use the word "proper" (as in current UD def #3.)
"Fruitbooter is a name given by fuckhead skateboarders hating on everyone that dont do theyre sport, get over it. u havent seen proper rollerblading"- What a kook!
by nugpop68 February 28, 2009
An in-line skater who attempts to perform tricks. Commonly disliked by skateboarders as "fruitbootering" tends to lack the style that is exhibited by skateboarding. Yes guys, I'm sorry but it looks really awkward and goofy. Girls commonly dislike anyone who "fruitboots". I'm sure its fun though guys, keep it up.
The fruitbooter went to the urban dictionary to vehemently defend his preferred sport, although deep down he realized that the activity, though fun to do, was a somewhat ridiculous display and perhaps he should consider taking up a more respectable activity, like meeting underage girls on myspace.
by Devon DeVille August 10, 2006
A word you randomly insert into conversations or lack of.:p
person1: Whats up.
person2: Not much. Whats up with you.
person1: Just hanging out.
person2: Cool.
person1: Fruitbooter
by Your mom December 7, 2003
Rollerbladers. Often refered to as fruitbooters by skateboarders as a derogatory term.
Fucking fruitbooters are taken over the skatepark.
by Kohl June 17, 2006