When a girl gets so turned on by a man or a woman, that her vagina begins overflowing with wetness. Then, her vagina churns the wetness, like churning milk into butter, until it turns into foam. That foam is froth. It's sticky, moist, and thick, and feels awesome when you rub it on your cock/cunt. Like the shit at the top of a cappuccino, or a root beer float.
Guy 1: On a scale of soy milk to root beer float, how frothy was she?
Guy 2: She was like a grande mochaccino.

Guy 1: Man, I sent that bitch a winkie face.
Guy 2: She must be so frothy right now. We're gonna be able to surf over to her on a sea of froth.

Guy 1: I went to a foam party last night.
Guy 2: Oh, word? Where did you go?
Guy 1: To Mary's frothy vajee.
by Slobby McKnobberson, Sr. September 26, 2010
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Is a name given to a guy who has the ability to make females wet/froth at the gash simply by being in their presence. Despite this ability they have on women, a Froth is still a gentlemen who is courteous towards women.
Girl: "Oh my god! my panties are all wet. you don't happen to be called Froth?"

Guy: "I wish I could turn women on like Froth does."

Guy: "All the women want Froth, lucky bastard."
by MickOxlong April 20, 2013
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When a women is so horny that the wetness becomes almost overwhelming.
My god mate, i got her so hot that she was literally frothing at the gash!
by jimbojumbojambo March 13, 2009
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A building process of the sticky goo/sweat being constantly rubbed back and forth between thighs, gooch, and around the crotchal region. Eventually creating a pungeant smell that will tend to shy people away.
by Jiub289 October 23, 2010
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Unlimited amount of fictional filth, rubbish, or fuzzy logic
"I don't know what to believe form this guys froth filled stories"
by Gray_sleaz April 28, 2006
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To have a negative effect on or to be in a bad way

To froth it
You are a froth
by Ronnie April 25, 2003
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Collective noun for a group of conservatives.
A frothing of conservatives came out to follow the candidate after he asked for their support against what he called an onslaught of communists.
by paulpaxman March 27, 2012
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