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Females that will continue to dress like prostitutes, no matter how many degrees below zero the weather is.
Damn its cold, but it looks like nothing will stop those Frostitutes.
by definedbymax December 01, 2011
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A woman of the night who sells her body for iced treats, or a woman who leads someone on in the hope of getting iced treats.
Geroge: Dude, I think that Shmelly is diggin on you

Lenny: Naw man, I had an iced treat, she's just a frostitute

Geroge: Really? Then I should go buy a frosty and employ her services

Lenny: No! Not that kind of frostitute, the other kind who is less likely to have a venereal disease

Geroge: Oh woops. Well that's what Rohypnol is for.

Lenny: Geroge, you are such a creepy rapist

Geroge: Actually, I'm PedoBear

Lenny: Oh wow, well. Thats... I'm going to go now.
by Tabby Cat Meow April 02, 2011
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Freshmen prositutes that whore themselves out to be more highly accepted in a new college environment. Mostly women. They sell their body for sex as well.
The freshmen at suny albany are most likely frostitutes, or just sluts.
by allyx October 15, 2007
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