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A fake troll, or false troll.

Someone who posts an idiotic or inflammatory comment as a joke, not because they seriously believe what they are writing.

A prankster who assumes the online persona of a troll.

NOTE: It is important for the froll to be well known on the site in question, otherwise "the humorous impact is somewhat dissipated" when newbies think that the froll is a troll.

Worker #1 "Did you check out the political blog last night?"

Worker #2 "Sort of. I was bored with the same old strife and debate, so I decided to be a froll just for laughs. Making stuff up was actually more entertaining than the subjects under discussion."
by (I am) John Doe May 18, 2009
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A troll on Facebook who does nothing but criticize and argue on status posts, groups, threads or pages.
I'm friends with this total froll, he just argues the opposite of everything I post on Facebook. I wish he would die.
by Cybil_d June 14, 2010
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A kid, usually a young Caucasian male from high socio-economic standing, who attempts to troll, due to the popularization of troll culture largely caused by David Thorne's website, yet fails.
Ravi: You made this picture.

Yano: I did not make this picture it is authentic and is noterized by the United states as a leaked picture during the manhatten project. Don't ask me how he knew about me during the WWII era. due to my geniusness ( i made this a word when i turn...ed 57 and bought every dictionary company) i created a time machine when i turn 31 and due to the time paradox reciprical (a term i had named after my invention of the first time machine) when i was 31 i had to travel back in time and to tell myself of the time machine i had created. this way the world would not end due to the leak by wikileaks of the existance of me having an existance in the mahatten project. Honestly the historical accuracy of the tales of iron/steel man is pretty bad because in the series afganistan captured me/tony stark but it was actually me yano. i thought about pressing charges but i didn't due to the fact that all of my witnesses would be myself from different universes/dimensions/and points in time. ETC...

Ravi: Wow, you wasted that much time trying to troll me. I'm sorry for you, but you are such a froll.
by Tye12 April 02, 2011
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