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Much like the word "frazzled", but a less emotionally drained version.

What you might use to refer to those moments where everything falls apart quite suddenly, in a way you never would've expected.
"So, my girlfriend broke up with me last night."


"She said a ghost told her that my ex is in love with me."

"...that's fucking weird."

"Yeah, I'm a little frizzed."
by Flamingo Jones. February 03, 2009
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the act of when someone is high or drunk.
man: im so frizzed right now i can barely talk, u?
me: of course, would i be anything else?
man: nahhhh, straight edged people are shits to shit on when i show them my crack...
me: haha, crack in like what i am frizzed off of right now and butt crack
man: i know im hilar
by Laurence March 06, 2005
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