Frith is an Old English word that means Peace and Freedom; but means so much more. It is an important concept in the religion of Asatru. It might be described as a combination of loyalty, honor, hospitality, and support. It is the obilgation to one's community, friends, and family to consider their welfare in your actions, and not to set out to harm them.
Our forebears valued frith almost more than anything else.
by OneBadAsp November 2, 2006
Frith is a stunning girl with a hilarious personality. Frith's can be found sipping on a vino most evenings glued to their multiple iPhones.
A: Did you know that hot chick?
B: Ya, that's my neighbour, such a frith always see her carrying around her iPhone.
by lamiexx January 11, 2011
the act of inserting something large up the anal passage Example: A cricket bat handle or a miniture baseball bat.
Tom Frithed himself with a cricket bat handle.
by Peter Rutherford May 11, 2006
stupid ass whore, sux at cooking, never makes any sense, plays 2 yr old games, has kidney failure as well now. makes your dog want to run away, leaves grapes in your room
yeeee woop woop . o no its rara, tara frith poo % ()&^ :0 :/
by straggly shore August 6, 2020
to be very ugly and have very strange members of family to be precise small fat ones called paul
"wow that's joel frith...." said sam "were is his over weight obese dad at" said jane "he must be near the ground is shaking" said sam and tilly
by joel frith has a fat dad February 2, 2019
A small town on the A6, The youth population is mostly made up of emo's and chavs, every now and again a punk or mosher might turn up but most of them moved out when the new generation got older and got on our boobies.
If your a chav in chapel, why not work a frodo, or go to the job center in buxton.

not alot to do but get pissed helped by the fact there are alot of pubs (RED ALERT) STAY AWAY FROM THE DOG INN, child chav pub.
The older generation tend to go to church and get pissed.
Chapel-en-le-frith is a little town on the A6
by gortonian November 16, 2010
The god-like being in the 1972 novel Watership Down. It is not know what the fuck these other idiots in UD are thinking, but it is not the term for a woman or putting something up your ass you demented cows.
O, Frith, good Frith, look upon us with starry eyes, for what is, is what must be.
by kilometers-davis November 16, 2022