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Adjective: A combination of the words "Frisky" and "Kinky" in relation to singer / songwriter Morrissey. The most popular thread on several fan forums, producing over 2 million views, and growing. The word can also be seen on fan made signs at Morrissey's concerts. I.e., "You Are Too Frinky."

Verb: To Frink. To post Frinky photos on the fan forums and to enjoy looking at said photos.
Did you see the latest Frinky photo of Morrissey? He and the band are wearing 7" records - and nothing else.

Close the door, I'm Frinking!
by Frink Fans June 20, 2010
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Descriptive of a somewhat scary chick, similar to the one who does the Progressive commercials. Kind-of cute; kind-of nuts; kind-of hot; kind-of totally mental. Probably goes like a train, but one that will run you over.

Derivation obscure - possibly a concatenation of "Frightening" and "Kinky"(?)
Guy 1:"Would you do that chick from the Progressive commercial?"

Guy2: "Mmmmm. Possibly. She's kinda frinky, though..."
by Uncle Des October 22, 2009
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A mixture of Frisky and Kinky. See the Killers and Libertines message boards.
I am thinking Frinky thoughts after looking at those picture of Carl and Pete.

I am also thinking frinky thoughts about the pictures of Dave and Brandon.
by _crazy insomniac_ May 12, 2005
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A blanket of great importance to an adult, especially one acquired as a freshman in college and kept for years afterwards.
"Kids, quit playing with my damn frinky, you have no idea what might be on it!"
by KillySheawart February 24, 2010
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Nutty professor type from "The Simpsons" with an overly scientific explanation for anything. Used as an adjective or noun.
Similar to nerd or geek.
Can be used as an insult but frinkys are often proud of their status.
"High co-efficient of friction"? Man you are such a Frinky!

That's a very frinky way of explaining things.
by Steve August 11, 2004
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