Final drinks - when you’ve run out off money completely so you head back to someone’s gaff to drink whatever you have left from prinks and mrinks
Bro it’s 5am and I’m all out of cash, head back to yours for frinks?
by Larchie October 6, 2019
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the term given to a man's early arrival at ejaculation during arrousal
"he frinks it after 2 mins"
by :P October 27, 2003
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a derogatory reference to an ear fetish; the sex of a male and female through the ear. Due to recent acceptances, a male and male can also participate in the act.
Sammy frinked bobby, and it was fun; Hey baby, wanna frink?
by brandon.jam September 8, 2006
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Scientist-like person on The Simpsons that tends to mumble and use the word "glayven" a lot
Professor Frink, Professor Frink, he'll make you laugh, he'll make you think, he likes to run, and then the thing, with the......... person.....oh boy.... that monkey is gonna pay.
by The Neiler July 10, 2003
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legenday fictional nerd, modeled after Jerry Lewis, best known for his frequent outbursts of nonsensical jabbering.
"Oh dear, I've re-dorkulated!"
"What gave me away...just out of curiosity...was it the hoyven or the mayven...what?"
by equine_attraction_00 June 29, 2004
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The biggest legend on the Simpsons. Likes to supplement all phrases with "umma-hey"
"I call it Gamblor"
"The, uh, real humans wouldn't burn, ah, quite so fast. Umma-hey."
"The secret ingredient is LOVE! Stupid machine!"
by Slammer September 1, 2003
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A quick wink while frowning.
Stop frinking me!
by I. Kant September 26, 2009
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