Friendship is a usually one-sided relationship between two people in which one person talks about their feelings, while the other responds with eye-rolls and sarcasm.
A typical conversation between friends:
"What is your family like?"
"Stop psychoanalyzing me."
by museochick December 15, 2014
What Nate and Keene have.
The friendship blossomed into something more, something more beautiful than you could ever imagine.
by Billy351 June 12, 2017
when your friends and you are desperate that no one can go thru you
when your friend feels sad you make them feel better
by LAdybugfan10 October 7, 2019
Friendship is something between two or more people who can trust each other and that will never turn their back on each other no matter what.
Friendship can last forever if its with the right people. People you can trust.
by Anonymus May 5, 2004
Two pals munching on a perfectly roasted face together.
Carl: "But think of all the perfectly roasted faces we get to munch on now"

Paul: "What? Why?"

Carl: "Because we're friends, and friendship is two pals munching on a perfectly roasted face together."
by Lightning533 January 5, 2011
A bond between two people.
Friendship is like peeing in your pants. Everyone can see it but only you can feel its warmth.
by AguileraVoiceClone November 6, 2009