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Or Friend+
Friends who have feelings for one another but are not dating yet still fool around sexually, and as such are not restricted from dating other people and talking about those dates together like friends do.

Different from FWB - friends with benefits - which denotes friends who are just friends and sex partners but are not interested in dating romantically.

Friends+ do not have what it takes to actually date each other. Could be time, like both are in grad school and working full time and other family obligations. Or, emotionally unable to tie themselves to another person because the last relationship left them too scarred. But, there is mutual interest in potential romance.

Often the friends+ relationship looks from the outside exactly like two very busy people dating, but neither is willing to call it dating.

On social media it is referred to with #f+
“I thought you were dating Michelle?”
“No, we’re friends+. We might date when we graduate.”
by RennyRenwick February 21, 2018
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