Irish teens use this as a slang word. This word means someone who hasn’t made out/shifted/met someone yet
“She’s such a fridgit🙄”
by @123456789 February 17, 2020
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A clown who lives in your fridge.
After Pennywise retired from being a sewer clown, he became a fridgit. He lives in many peoples fridges. At first it was only him but other clowns decided to take up the profession.
“Where’s all the food gone?”
“We must have a fridgit!”
by PizzaGuy456 February 18, 2019
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1. To put something in the fridge

2. Also used as a vulgar slang term
1. *picks up lemons* should I fridgit?

2. *puts on tutu backwards* "AH FRIDGIT!
by nutmeg1392 December 14, 2010
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An Irish bastardisation of the word frigid. Typically denoting a person who has never French kissed/shifted/met someone. Less commonly used to describe someone who is sexually repressed or prudish.
'' Haha, Dara's a fuckin' fridgit boys ''
'' Let's all go to gaa this Friday. I don't want to still be a fridgit in 2nd year''
by StoryHörse April 26, 2021
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