An optimistic way to name the day normally called Thursday. Also signifies the official beginning of the weekend. Important concept for the average worker.
by Case Face September 6, 2007
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Friday Eve the night before Friday (Thursday) which celebrates the birth of a new weekend 48 hours of freedom from the duties of work.
I’m so happy that it’s Friday Eve this has been a hard stressful week I need my 48 Hours of freedom or my time.
by The working man February 11, 2009
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The one day of the week some people you work with still have a chance to breathe air because the feeling you had all week of strangling them goes away; you could give a rats arse about them by this day and their 10 cent perfume, their coffee breath, ugly shoes and nasty attitudes. All you have on your mind is the WEEKEND! You've got to get your crew & your crib ready and are way too busy with fine tuning the details to care about much else on Friday Eve!
Good morning ya'll - it's finally Friday Eve, holla!
by Twinsanity1 June 14, 2018
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Anytime after work on Wednesday, since Friday Eve can be celebrated all day Thursday (just like Christmas Eve is the whole day).
I'm so glad I got through hump day, because now it's Friday Eve!
by Ti Jai June 6, 2013
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The day before the end of the work week (Thursday). People get excited that the weekend is coming up and start acting out of control.
Dude I'm down to party! It's Friday Eve! Almost the weekend!
by kelliemarie27 September 10, 2010
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The day before Friday (Thursday)Henceforth known as Friday Eve. It's just like Christmas Eve but it comes once a week!
"Yes, finally it's Friday eve, the second best day of the week!!"
by mitch1991 March 14, 2009
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I'm happy that today's Friday Eve one day closer to Friday.
by TimiG March 11, 2021
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