A new prisoner in any prison.
Prisoner 1: "That new white boy in the shower."
Prisoner 2: "Leave him alone, man."
Prisoner 1: "Hell naw! Fresh Fish on the line!"
by Jerremy Deane November 24, 2003
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a derogatory term for students of the freshmen class (highschool or college). a 1st time repeat freshmen is a refried fish, a 2nd is a burned fsh, and a 3rd(one who should be a senior but still retains freshman status) is a fossil.
"why's scott a sophomore? he's 20!"
"oh, scott, he's a fossil. even the fresh fish think he's dumb."
by Reiji May 21, 2007
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Plenty fur hits the floor when Rod Blagojevich gets the fresh fish special.
by freewill December 9, 2011
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The best way to impress a date. Often utilized by people on Yahoo Answers.
Oh hai, I got you some fresh ocean fishes! Select the freshest of the ocean fishes and I will prepare it for you in the sexiest way possible.
by Hotdateshasha October 14, 2010
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