When a man stuffs a red onion in a females mouth and then punches her in the kidneys while doing her doggystyle.
This creates the tears that flow over the red onion. Then he blows his load on her face creating cheese effect. Voila!
Did you give Vanessa a "French Onion Soup" last night?
Sure did! I love that soup!
by jackal16 November 18, 2010
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A combination of "male hot soup" on top, and a generous helping of fecal matter for the base. Served in a cup or bowl. Also part of the "lunch special", which is half soup/half tossed salad.
"Call me Pierre...I just gave that bitch some French Onion soup and all she said was 'Ooh La Laaaaa.'"
by Rusty February 3, 2005
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A two part sexual act involving A) ejaculation into the female participants naval cavity and B) Tanning said female, ejaculate and female intact.
Optionally served with crumbled saltines before step A.
Tom: I'm hungry...lets go to the diner.
Kerri: But that diner isn't 24 hours.
Tom: Lets go back to my place...I'm serving French Onion soup all night.
Kerri: Great...I think Hollywood Tans has late night hours.
by Tom the bomb titty December 10, 2007
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A figure of speech used to suggest that a task is too unbearable and taxing for someone to perform. Not to be taken literally or suggest that a deal has been made.
We will Pay you to make French onion soup
by achaemenid November 23, 2020
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French onion soup is the most delicious mouth watering poosy wet (jokes please submit) amazing food you’ll ever taste.

If you don’t like soup , cheese, onions or croutons your missing out i’m sorry
“did you try the french onion soup? gawd damn.”
by zooanimalyay February 23, 2022
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